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We teach busy entrepreneurs and professionals how to meet,
attract, date and build
relationships with their dream
women without a single swipe on
a dating app or ever having to set
foot inside a nightclub.

Discover How To Get 2-3 New Dates PER WEEK With Hot, Intelligent &
High Value Women Without Relying On Apps or Going To Bars


Just a few years back, I was living the “dream life” working in a high flying corporate position in a top company in London. I considered myself as a high value, good looking man who had himself together; I was on a good career trajectory, travelling constantly visiting some amazing paradise locations and building an interesting and valuable social circle. Alongside this I was consistently hitting the gym, boxing and playing rugby. I was even making great progress with my Spanish & Portuguese language skills.


I was living this attractive lifestyle, but there was just this one major problem…


My Dating Life was non-existent; I couldn’t meet, attract or date the attractive, high value women I knew I deserved. 


I didn’t want to go out to bars on Friday nights because I hated wasting time with a bunch of drunk dudes and spending the weekend recovering from a hangover (I had events to show up for and classes to take instead).


I thought dating apps would be an effective use of my time, but quickly realized that they were designed to favour women. Only the top 1% of guys were getting all the best women and I was left empty handed (even though I knew I had a decent amount to offer).


As a guy in my late 20s, I didn’t care to hook up with dozens of girls - instead I wanted to find 2-3 sexy, high quality and interesting women that I could bring into my life.


Most importantly, I was sick and tired of feeling helpless over my dating life because I knew as a MAN, I had to take responsibility. I realized that life was short and if I wanted something, it was my job to go and get it…



What it will feel like to wake up one day and realize you’ve wasted your entire life not doing anything to fix your dating life?

Why anxiety is stopping you approaching that cute girl in the cafe?

Why you are missing so many opportunities with women you find attractive?

​Why you can’t get more dates consistently with high value women?

What it will feel like to wake up one day and realize you’ve wasted your entire life not doing anything to fix your dating life?

Why anxiety is stopping you approaching that cute girl in the cafe?

Why you are missing so many opportunities with women you find attractive?

​Why you can’t get more dates consistently with high value women?




“Now I can get the girls I wanted and approach them”

Client G, came to work with Tusk & Les and in no time was approaching the type of girls he always wanted to.

“I have more options and abundance than I ever had before all from cold approach”

Mr C, a representation of Britain’s finest. After working with us on the Elite program and doing training in Miami, is now dating more than he can handle while also running his business.

“If this is something you actually want to take seriously, just do it”

Mr. S, Trained with Tusk & The Team in the US and overcame his approach anxiety to approach any type of girl he wanted.

“I never approached so many girls in such a short amount of time”

Client Kriss, joined Tusk in Latin America and never looked back after his experience

“I always wanted to date higher quality girls because it was something I did not have before.”

Mr. A, joined James in Mexico where he took his dating to the next level with his ability to approach and the quality of girls he began dating.

“I have freedom from the outcome when approaching now”

Client G, came to work with Tusk & Les and in no time was approaching the type of girls he always wanted to.

“I have made cold approaching a part of my life and now I’ve turned that into dates and lays”

Client G, now does approaching day to day which gets him his results. The Approach Academy Accelerator is just 1 of the training we do when working with our clients on the Elite program.

“In 10 week I approached over 100 girls, over 8 lays and more than 25 dates”

Client Zlatan worked with us over 10 weeks and the results speak for themselves.

“I wouldn’t have approached her if we didn’t do that session together”

Client Seth, worked with Tusk in Mexico where he started approaching for the first time in his life. He is a nomadic business owner who can now use this skill all over the world.

“I Will Never Go Back To Thinking Tinder Will Solve My Dating Problems Ever Again”

Client Mike, from the UK, learnt how to meet and date girls he found attractive in a number of daytime situations and has a new found abundance with his dating options.



We do this by working with you closely through three mentorship programs, “The Elite,” “The Super Elite” & “The Platinum.” The Mentorships are what we have created after coaching 1000s of men to help them achieve their ideal dating lives.


It consists of face to face training, online guidance through our 10 Week Approach Academy Accelerator and bespoke and tailored one of one accountability for a further periods of time afterwards.


After going through this process ourselves and then teaching other men to do the same, we have found this to be the best way to get you there as soon as possible while saving your most valuable asset, TIME.


This however, is a grueling process & not for the faint of heart. For this reason most of our clients are high value men achieving success in other areas of life. They are mainly busy professionals or entrepreneurs. We work with these types of men because we know we can get them results. This process is not for everyone. If you think you have the cojones, book a call and we can talk this 

Tusk & The Team:

The Project-Tusk Team are a combination of top-of-their-industry experts & professionals all brought together under one roof to give you, the client, a premium & service.

Mindset & Performance Coach

Karl Anderson

Karl is an experienced coach who specialises in helping people move past their limiting beliefs, negative experiences and anxieties to develop a more fulfilled, productive life. Drawing from over a decade of knowledge from the worlds of coaching, psychology and therapy, his method is to give you the tools you need to build resilience as well as long term, sustainable success.


Executive Dating Coach

Brad Delaney

Brad is an expert in teaching guys how to meet and date Scandinavian women, having lived in Oslo for the last 5 years and having coached a number of clients in Finland, Denmark & Sweden. He has a particular skill set helping clients getting intimate with the opposite sex as quickly as possible in both day and night time environments.


Male Fashion & Elite Image Stylist

Oliver Pearce

Ollie is a professional model and fashion stylist with over a decade's experience as an elite image consultant and stylist for men. To live a high value attractive lifestyle and to entice the upper tier females a man must look and own the part and that is exactly where Mr. Pearce comes in.

Untitled-design-15-copy-2 (1).png

Executive Dating Coach

Les Thomas

Les thrives helping men face their fears and overcome self confidence barriers. Furthermore, he focuses on giving clients the knowledge to be successful with attractive, high value women whilst showing them step by step how to implement what they have learnt in any efficient, expedient manner.

Untitled-design-15-copy (2).png

Sex & Intimacy Expert

Thibault Bonaparte

Thibault teaches his clients how to become the best lovers possible. As a sex & intimacy expert he provides all the tools to overcome sexual blocks and the step by step implementable skills to gain absolute confidence in the bedroom. After working with him, our client's sex lives are completely transformed.



Because this is a hands-on process of mentoring we take on 10-15 people at a time to be able to give our full attention to the clients.

We hand pick a few clients who we know will be successful as this mentorship is not for everyone.

​If you don't have the stones required 🥚, its better you look elsewhere for help. If you believe yourself to be a high value man who has what it takes, book a call with us.


We have so much faith in the program we teach that we will keep on working with you until you get the result you want in dating (FOR FREE).

Apply now for a FREE Dating Strategy Consultation Call

Click on the button below to get to the application form:

  • Is This For Me?
    It could be. Like we have mentioned before, the clients we work with are high value men who are already achieving success in other areas. They work with us to fix the final piece of the puzzle. What that being said, the best would be to have a chat with us to see if this is for you.
  • What Do I Do Now? How Does It Work?
    Book a call where we will have a chat and see if this program is for you, it might not be. There is only one way to find out 📞.
  • How Long Is The Mentorship?
    This is a minimum 6 month commitment, however, this is flexible in terms of when the different forms of the training take place. Like we have said before, our clients are mostly busy professionals and entrepreneurs so we make it work according to everyone’s schedule.
  • What Level Do I Need To Be At Before Joining?
    No level is needed before working with us. We work with you at whatever level you think you are at.
  • How Do I Prepare For This?
    As cliche as it sounds, a positive can-do attitude is what you need. We help you with every step on this journey.
  • Can I Start At Any Time I Want?
    There are 2 cycles of the ELITE Programme we run each year. Once the spaces are taken, you go on the waiting list for the following year.
  • Will You Help Me With My Other Facets That Have To Do With Dating. Eg,Texting, Fashion, Fitness etc.
    Yes. We have professionals that can help in all areas that are needed.
  • Are You A Puss?
    YES, if you keep sitting on your couch whacking off to pornhub or just watching us approach🍆💦 NO, if you give us a call and take charge of your dating life once and for all 😘
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