Discover How You Can STOP Being "The Lonely Go-Getter"  & START Getting 2-3 New Dates PER WEEK With Hot, Intelligent & High Value Women


‘This Is Worth More Than A $40,000 College

Client J, from Australia, stopped caring about what other people think and got 2 dates a week while working 60+ hours as a business owner. 

‘I've Been On 5 Dates And Took 3 of The Girls Back To My Place’

Client J, from Canada, went from a heart-break to building a rotation of three beautiful women.

‘Now It Feels Weird NOT To Approach. I'd Recommend This To Anyone’

Client Mr Francko, went from getting inconsistent results in his approaches to getting 12+ dates in a few weeks as a busy sales professional.

"I Got Laid 4 Times Throughout The program"

Client Mr. C is an entrepreneur who now travels full time meeting beautiful women in different locations. 

´I Finally Had Choice In My Dating Life´

Client Mr.N Went From Not Being Able To Approach The Beautiful Girls In His City To Getting Dates With Them.

‘I Have Loads Of Dates And Now I'm Seeing One Of Of The Girls I Met During The Program More Seriously’

Client S, went from not being able to speak to girls to going on multiple dates and has begun seeing one of the girls he met during the 10WAAA. This all happened over a period of 10 weeks. 

‘I Will Never Go Back To Thinking Tinder Will Solve My Dating Problems Ever Again’

Client Mike, From the UK, learnt how to meet and date girls he found attractive in a number of daytime situations and has a new found abundance with his dating options.

‘I Went From Depressed & 0 Options With Girls To Married To A Beautiful Polish Woman’

Client Francesco, from Italy learnt how to meet girls in 
any scenario and used these skills to meet his wife to be.

‘I Went On Five Dates During The Program And Now I'm Dating One Of The Girls More Seriously’

Client K, went from not being able to approach anyone to being able to approach multiple girls, get dates and is now dating a girl more seriously. He can now approach any women he wants to. 

‘I Had Reached Rock Bottom With Socialising And Needed A Kick To Get Started’

Client Alex, from Portugal, flew to London and shook the dating monkey off his back and is now a new man, living in a totally different reality.

‘Change In My Dating Life Was Essential And I Knew Project Tusk Would Get Me to Where I Needed To Go’

Client Ash, from the UK, joined the team in Poland, smashed through his fears and insecurities and ended up dating a beautiful Polish girl.

‘I Will Never Go Back To Thinking Tinder Will Solve My Dating Problems Ever Again’

Client Mike, From the UK, learnt how to meet and date girls he found attractive in a number of daytime situations and has a new found abundance with his dating options.


  • ​Hours Of Exclusive & Implementable Video Content: Learn exactly what you need to say, do & behave progressively over 10 weeks to master approaching girls, anytime, any place, anywhere. Let us hold you by the hand and guide you through the process from start to finish as you learn how to get over your approach anxiety, start a conversation, flirt effortlessly, connect with beautiful women & take their number and get them out on a date.
  • ​Step-by-Step Action Plan: Get the exact game-plan hundreds of our clients executed to go from not getting any dates to getting 2-3 new dates a week with beautiful women, high value women. If you follow this system without any guesswork, you'll experience years of growth in just 10 weeks
  • 5 One-on-One Coaching Calls: Getting stuck sucks, especially if you don't know what the REAL problem is. As a part of Approach Academy Accelerator, you will get 5 1-on-1 coaching calls with Tusk or Les so you can easily push past your sticking points.
  • Exclusive Access To The Approach Academy Accelerator WhatsApp Group: If you want to get CONSISTENT wins, you need to surround yourself with the right people. Join our private community so you can meet and learn everyone else from the same mission.
  • ​​Daily Accountability: Tusk & Les will keep you accountable via WhatsApp with messages, voice notes & inspirational content so you take massive action even when you don't feel like it.
 What Is Approach Academy Accelerator?
The Approach Accelerator Academy is a 10 week step by step coaching program to help busy professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs master the process of approaching women any time in any situation, know how and what to say in the conversation, take their phone number and attain 2-3 dates per week, every week without wasting time. As a part of this program, you will get hours of exclusive video content of Tusk & Les demoing exactly what you need to say, what you need to do and how you need to act, a step-by-step action plan for each week 5 one on one coaching calls and daily accountability from Tusk & Les. It is the best way to work with Tusk & The team to master approaching women in your home town or city.
 I’m Too Ugly, Too Short Or (Insert Any Other Excuse Here). Will This Still Work For Me?
Let’s be honest, looks do help, but in the end attracting women is all about creating the right emotions. Approaching women during the day automatically puts you into the box of guys who are confident & who understand women so it's the BEST way to authentically meet high quality women. In the Approach Academy Accelerator, we will help you master that skillset so you can get results no matter what your height, ethnicity or background is.
Do I Get 1 on 1 Support?
Yes, as a part of this program you will get 5 one on one coaching calls with Tusk or Les so you can quickly push past your sticking points and keep moving forward even when you hit a plateau.
This Sounds Great, But I Don't Know If It's The Right Time For me. Can I Join Later?
The Approach Academy Accelerator runs only 4 times every year with limited slots for each ten week cycle. For every group, we invest our blood, sweat and tears to get guys amazing results and we expect the same from you. Here's the truth: It will NEVER feel like the right time. If you want to change anything in your life, the best time to start is always now, so click the button below & apply to see if you're a good fit.

Ps. You might die tomorrow, carpe diem ;-)