Attention: Busy Professionals Sick And Tired Of Flakey Girls, Getting Ghosted & Losing Women Over Text

Discover My 5 Step “Fail-Safe” Texting Ladder That Got Average Guys Lost In Boring Conversations Receiving Messages Like This!


Have you ever approached a girl who was super receptive the moment you said hello?

As you slowly walked over and gave your compliment, her eyes sparked up, she began playing with her hair & started giggling out of control.

After a few minutes of conversation, she insisted that you take her number and you sent her the first text.

She replied to your first text with a paragraph and you know she’s about to come out on a date with you.

As your phone is blowing up with her messages, you’re stoked that you’re about to go out with an incredible girl who can’t wait to be around you.

But wait… A few messages later, her paragraphs become one word answers.

You know this is not a good sign, but you just don’t know what to do.

Do you ask her a question or just play it cool and not bring it up?

Do you send even longer messages to keep her interested or ignore your phone hoping that it just works out?

As you’re trying to answer these questions, the thing you feared the most happens.

She stops responding altogether

What? What just happened?

If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, then what I’m about to show you in a few minutes will completely change the way you look at texting. But before I do that, I have to come clean with you about something.

This is James Tusk And I Have A Confession To Make…

Over the last eight years, I’ve become known as one of the top daygame coaches in the world running intensive bootcamps to teach busy professionals anything and everything about approaching, attracting and dating high quality women.
During that time, I’ve been fortunate to:
  • Date some of the hottest girls in the world from countries like Poland, Colombia and Brazil
  • Rack up over 3 million views on my YouTube channel
  • Travel around the world chasing the sun and visiting over 100 countries 
  • ​Help thousands of guys become the most masculine version of themselves and attract the women of their dreams
Over the years, I’ve transitioned from working at top daygame coaching companies to creating Project Tusk to share my knowledge in bootcamps, live seminars and quick taster sessions.

After being mentored by some of the top people in the industry such as Tom Torero and approaching thousands of women…

And going on hundreds of dates…

Attracting hot, high value women was becoming second nature.

I was living a life of abundance where I handpicked the women I spent time with.

On any given day, I could spare a couple of hours to approach 8-10 girls, have amazing conversations and get super receptive responses to my first message…


For the longest time, I had NO IDEA where to go from there.

I knew how to approach a girl, tease her in conversation and build a strong connection to get her number.

But when it came to sending the right texts and getting her out on the date…

It was TRULY a numbers game.

The girls who were REALLY into me would text me back but…

The Number Of Conversations That Went Cold Was Just Embarrassing…

For the longest time, I thought this was just the way things were supposed to be.

I would approach 30 girls a week, get around 10 numbers and if I got lucky with the texting, I’d go on 1-2 new dates that week.

I thought women were “wired” to ghost because they were emotional creatures and I couldn’t do anything about it.

The most embarrassing time was when I met a Swedish model daygaming in London on an average Tuesday.

She was walking out of a shopping mall with her long, sexy legs and so I had to run over and stop her.

The moment I said hello, I saw the spark in her eye…

We had an amazing interaction… Everything just clicked and I got her number. Once again, the daygame gods were on my side. 
When I sent her the opening text, SHE actually asked ME what I was doing the next day.

Things were looking good.

After a couple of back and forth texts, we made plans to meet at 8 PM on Thursday, just a couple of days later.

But, there was one problem... I had no idea how to text her until then to still keep her interested.

Sure, I was meeting new women every week, but there was something special about this girl and I didn’t want to mess it up.
Around 5 PM the next day, I decided to ping her with a message saying: “How was your day?”

Three hours later… No response.

Hmm… Maybe she was busy or she forgot about it, so I decided to follow up one more time.

“Can’t wait to see you tomorrow ;)”

A day went by… Still no response.

That was actually the last time I heard from her.

She never texted me back and we never went on that date we scheduled.

That was it.

I was sick and tired of blowing leads left and right. It was time to figure out this “texting thing” once and for all.

I went online to find some “witty lines” and sent them out as openers.

I tried setting dates during the approach itself so I could avoid texting altogether.

I watched dozens of YouTube videos from “texting gurus” and tested their strategies but after weeks of trying out different strategies with new girls, I had no results to show for.

I was still getting ghosted in conversations.

I didn’t know how to “escalate” over text.

And I still had NO consistency.

One day, I was at my flat preparing to shoot a YouTube video to explain the London Daygame Model and that’s when it hit me.

What If I Took The Key Strategies In Daygame And Applied It To Texting?

You see, when you approach a girl during the day, you immediately stand out because she knows you’re in the top 5% of guys who go after what they want.

You’re a guy who “gets it.”

But the moment you send a boring text…

You instantly lose that edge… You just become another guy that’s sending her messages she won’t ever respond to.


Over the last few years, the social landscape completely changed.

In the early 2010s, a high quality girl had maybe 2-3 guys texting her at most. If you got a girl’s number it was a BIG deal.

Today, even an average girl who works at the coffee shop nearby has dozens of guys blowing up her phone at any given time.

Guys sliding into her DMs on Instagram, sending her pickup lines on Tinder or creepy old men who constantly remind her how beautiful she is.

When any girl is getting so much attention, you can’t just “wing it” in your texting.

You have to stand out as a high value man in every part of the process.

The approach, the texting, the date and relationship management.

The day I had this realization, I went out to my favorite spot in downtown London for some good old whiskey with my friend.

He had the same problems I did.

His conversations were also going nowhere and he was also exhausted from spending hours approaching only to lose girls over text.

That night, we decided to throw out everything we thought we knew about texting and started from zero.

A couple of hours and a whiskey bottle later, we had built a bulletproof structure on how to respond to any situation over text to get a girl out on the date.

We called it “The Texting Ladder.”
That night, I went back home with a newfound excitement to approach hot women over the weekend.

Over the next few days, I started implementing “The Texting Ladder” with new women I approached and took numbers of.

The results were hard to believe.

I still remember that one night where I was trying to call an Uber back home from home and I couldn’t even see my lock screen because my screen was FILLED with WhatsApp notifications.

It was crazy.

When I went back and opened up the app, my screen was filled with messages like:

“Where did you go? I miss you.”

“When are you free? I want to see you.”

“Can’t wait for our date on Thursday. I’m wearing my sexy red dress ;)”

All these girls with smoking hot pictures just couldn’t wait to see me.

I immediately texted my friend to ask if he was getting similar results…

He told me that he had so many girls messaging him back now that he actually had to schedule time on his calendar to respond to all the girls he was interested in.

We had finally discovered the structure to craft the perfect message at any part of the conversation.

Because of “The Texting Ladder” we knew exactly what to do to get a girl out and now we had women who were craving for our texts.

After discovering this strategy, I quickly went from having 1-2 dates a week to 4-5 dates a week and started receiving texts like this:
Since then, I’ve used “the Texting Ladder” to consistently turn digits into dates in dozens of countries.

After seeing how many of my clients mastered cold approach but STILL struggled to get dates because they didn’t know how to text, I decided to share the Texting Ladder with the world.

Together, we wrote the only book you’ll need when it comes to messaging women: “Texting Women - The Complete Guide: Phone Number To First Date”


  • Create sexual tension over text without coming off creepy
  • Learn exactly what to say and how to say it in each and every part of the conversations
  • Bring back flakey numbers and dying conversations with the “Vacuuming technique”
  • ​Instantly get 1-2 dates more per week with women who are constantly blowing up your texts dying to meet up with you
  • ​Quickly set up dates in five simple steps so you don’t spend hours on your phone bogged down in boring conversations
  • ​Become the high value guy women chase



  Staring at your phone for hours wondering if she’ll ever text you back
  Spending hours texting back and forth just to convince the girl to go out with you
  Completely killing the attraction over text and getting ghosted by women who were interested in you
  Being stuck in boring conversations that go nowhere


Here's A Look Inside...

  • The 5 Step Texting Ladder: so you know exactly how to text any girl you meet, WHAT to say, HOW to say it and WHEN to text to turn those numbers into an endless stream of dates and relationships.
  • Behind The Scenes Look At My Own Personal Text Messages: I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you EXACTLY what I do to get high quality women on dates even if they give one word responses or constantly throw in shit tests.
  • ​The Masculine Man’s Number Close: Most girls already know if they want to text you back or see you again before you send them a single message. How? It all comes down to HOW you get the number. I’ll teach you how to get this right every time so you’re already winning from the start.
  • The Crescendo Technique: Most guys take too long to text women who are begging to go out with them and miss the chance altogether. I’ll show you exactly how you can discover if she wants to go out on the same day so you never lose out on an opportunity again.
  • ​The Date Feeler: Most guys ask the girl out on a date at the WRONG time and completely destroy their chances altogether. I’ll show you the simple text you can send right before you ask her out to drastically increase your chances to take her out.
  • Seven Golden Rules Of Texting: Women pay attention to every little detail in your texting. Just by following these seven simple rules you’ll immediately have better conversations and fewer girls ghosting you.
  • ​The “Vacuuming” Technique: I’ll teach you exactly what to do to bring back dying conversations. You won’t believe how quickly women come back once you use this technique.
  • How To Fix The Most Common 17 Texting Problems: You’ll learn how to solve the most common problems guys experience over text such as what to do if she rejects your date requests or leaves you in the dark.
  • ​How To Get Girls Chasing You: You’re sending too many messages and spending too time on your phone trying to convince girls to go out with you. I’ll show you how to use pictures and voice messages to IMMEDIATELY stand out as a high value man so you can flip the script and have women blowing up your phone all day long ;)


As a bonus, you’ll also join a private WhatsApp group with me and other men who invested in this product so you can get your questions answered and learn from their experience as well. This group will keep you accountable so you constantly take action to improve the ideal dating life you are after.

Here's what some of the guys had to say...


Look, I could write up a paragraph about how this book is regularly sold for $250 but for today only it is $77 and create some fake urgency for you.

Truth is, the investment is and will always be $77.

You won’t waste any money if you buy this manual a month later instead of buying it today.

But you will waste time.

You will lose out on amazing experiences with stunning women who’ll end up ghosting you because you’re sending boring texts.

You will get frustrated trying to come up with the perfect like only to get back a one word response.

So if you’re sick and tired of losing women over text, then click the button below and order your personal copy today.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Here's what Tom had to say…


Option #1: Ignore Everything & Keep Getting The Same Results

Keep getting ghosted or stuck in boring conversations with messages you’ve been sending and let it get worse and worse.

Option #2: Try To Figure It Out On Your Own

Test out your own personal messages on hundreds if not thousands of girls to try and figure out something that sticks. Waste months of your life daygaming on the streets and continue to get frustrated that the numbers don’t actually go anywhere.

Option #3: Order Your Personal Copy Today

Order your own copy of “Texting Women - The Complete Guide: Phone Number To First Date” and get my fail-safe texting ladder to consistently turn digits to dates:

  • Borrow mine and David's combined 16 years of personal experience in daygame and use the exact system we’ve tested on hundreds of women all around the world.
  • ​Learn the seven golden rules of texting so you never lose women over simple mistakes again.
  • Discover my picture and voice message strategy based on evolutionary psychology to immediately stand out as a high value man in her mind.
  • Find out my battle tested techniques to craft the perfect response to create attraction over text and pass her shit tests so she’s begging for your attention.


We believe the modern man has lost his balls and the ability to go after what he wants. Project Tusk was created to help men rediscover what it means to be a red blooded male by helping our clients meet and date women without relying on social media, dating apps or having to go out to bars and nightclubs to get drunk. This is called daygame.

We believe as a prerequisite to taking himself seriously and living in an attractive masculine reality, the 21st Century man must, as a bare minimum, be able to communicate with the fairer sex in a direct, authentic and expressive way. 

Project Tusk exists to take you all the way from initially meeting a woman who you find attractive in a variety of normal life scenarios (Daygame), through arranging a date with her (Texting) to seducing her (Dating) and then building an exclusive or non-exclusive relationship (Relationship Management).


What Is “Texting Women - The Complete Guide: Phone Number To First Date?”

“Texting Women - The Complete Guide: Phone Number To First Date” is THE fully comprehensive guidebook for Texting. The book will provide you with a proven, winning structure to messaging women. If you want to immediately start getting more dates just using your phone and have women chasing you, this is the perfect book for you.

I’m Too Ugly, Short Or Broke. Will This Still Work For Me?

I’m going to be honest with you. Looks do help, but in the end attracting women is all about creating the right emotions. The “Texting Ladder” is specifically designed to create the perfect emotion at each stage of the process so you quickly turn those numbers into dates and relationships.

How Long Will It Take For The Book To Arrive?

Order the Pro or eBook and get it right away! If you want the paperback, the book takes around 7 business days to arrive. In the meantime, here’s a playlist you can watch to nail down your approach so you can get those numbers and start practicing the “Texting Ladder” in no time :)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know and we’ll take care of you.

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